AWS Tutorial | DevOps Tutorial | AWS Automation Cookbook

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AWS Tutorial | DevOps Tutorial | AWS Automation Cookbook

AWS Automation Cookbook - AWS DevOps Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment using AWS services

AWS provides a set of powerful services that help companies to increase or improve rapid build and reliable build processes to deliver products using AWS and DevOps practices. These services help to simplify the provision and management of infrastructures, the building of applications, and deploying application code in an environment. DevOps is basically a combination of practices, culture, and tools that increase an organization's productivity. It helps to increase the ability to deliver applications and services efficiently. This helps organizations to serve their customers in a better way and to compete more effectively in the market.

You can leverage AWS services for DevOps, meaning you can use AWS services to increase an organization's productivity by automating CI/CD to deliver products quickly. The Developer Tools of AWS include Code Commit, which uses Git for VCS; Code Build, which helps to build the code; Code Deploy, which helps to deploy application code to servers; and Code Pipeline, which helps to integrate all of the previous services to create an automated pipeline. So, this book covers how to use the AWS Developer Tools and how to integrate them with each other. Further, this book covers enterprise-grade scenarios and creates CI/CD pipelines for application deployment. Since this book covers the details of how to use the core services, you can also create your CI/CD pipeline based on your use cases.

This book also covers how to set up production-ready infrastructures using Cloud Formation and Ansible. Since many enterprises are migrating their applications to microservices and the best enterprise-grade container orchestration tool is Kubernetes, I will cover how you can deploy Kubernetes on AWS using KOPS, and how you can automate application deployment in Kubernetes using Jenkins Pipeline, which is Pipeline as Code. This book covers the automation of daily jobs and security compliance using AWS Lambda and some other services of AWS services, such as SNS, Config, and Elasticsearch.


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