Beginning DevOps with Docker
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  • Create Date October 11, 2020
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Beginning DevOps with Docker Automate the deployment of your environment

DevOps with Docker outlines the power of containerization and the influence this innovation has on development teams and general operations. We also get to understand what DevOps really is, the principles involved, and how the process contributes to product health, by implementing a Docker workflow. Docker is an open-source containerization tool that makes it easier to streamline product delivery and reduce the time it takes to get from a whiteboard sketch of the business to a money-back implementation.


The book will provide knowledge of the following:

  • Docker and DevOps and why and how they integrate
  • What containers are, and how to create and manage them
  • Scaling a delivery pipeline and multiple deployments with Docker
  • Orchestration and delivery of containerized applications


Lesson 1, Images and Containers shows how Docker improved a DevOps workflow and the basic Docker terminal commands that will be used in this book. We will learn the Dockerfile syntax in order to build images. We will run containers from images. We will then version images and Docker hub and deploy a Docker image to the Docker hub.

Lesson 2, Application Container Management, explores the docker compose tool and gives an overview of a multi-container application setup. We will then manage multiple containers and distribute application bundles. Lastly, we will network with docker-compose.

Lesson 3, Orchestration and Delivery gives us an overview of a Docker Swarm. We will then use the Docker engine to create a Swarm and manage services and applications in a Swarm. Finally, we will scale