Docker Deep Dive

Docker Deep Dive | Docker Tutorial

Docker Deep Dive
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Docker Deep Dive | Docker Tutorial

About the book

This is a book about Docker. No prior knowledge required! The motto of the book is Zero to Docker in a single book!

If you’re interested in Docker and want to know how it works and how to do things properly this book is dedicated to you!

If you just want to use Docker, and you don’t care if you get things wrong, this book is not for you.

What’s this Docker Certified Associate stuff?

Docker released its first professional certification in the fall of 2017. It’s called the Docker Certified Associate (DCA) and it’s for people wanting to prove their mastery of Docker.

The exam objectives match a lot of real-world scenarios, so I decided to update the book so that it covered all objectives. In doing this, I worked extremely hard to keep the book interesting and applicable in the real world.

This is not an exam-cram book. Yes, it covers all exam topics, but this is a real-world book that is enjoyable to read.

At the time of publishing, this is the only resource available that covers the entire set of DCA exam objectives!


Why should I read this book or care about Docker?

Docker is here and there’s no point hiding. Developers are all over it, and IT Ops need to be on their game! We damn well better know how to build and support production quality containerized apps in our business-critical environments. This book will help you.

Isn’t Docker just for developers?

If you think Docker is just for developers, then prepare to have your world flipped on its head! Containerized apps need somewhere to run and someone to manage them. If you think developers are going to do that, you’re dreaming. Ops will need to build and run high-performance production-grade Docker infrastructures. If you’ve got an Ops focus and you’re not skilled-up on Docker, you’re in for a world of pain. But don’t stress, the book will skill you up!

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