Pro DevOps with Google Cloud Platform

DevOps Tutorial | Pro DevOps with Google Cloud Platform

Pro DevOps with Google Cloud Platform
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DevOps Tutorial | Pro DevOps with Google Cloud Platform

Pro DevOps with Google Cloud Platform With Docker, Jenkins, and Kubernetes

Cloud technology is increasingly present in our daily lives. The intent of this book is to introduce Google Cloud Platform, of cloud computing services, with an eye to DevOps practices.

DevOps is currently a hot commodity in the information technology (IT) field, and every day, a new company begins to adopt its practice. The cloud is a natural environment for DevOps because in the cloud environment, such practices as infrastructure as code and continuous delivery can be adopted more efficiently. Thus, the cloud is the natural environment in which DevOps can grow and be increasingly effective.

In 2003, Google created Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). This represented a new approach to the continuous large-scale release of product features. SRE shares many concepts with DevOps. I use Google Cloud Platform because it is one of the most highly recommended by Gartner, particularly its use in infrastructure development. As with the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Google offers strong network management, and with the integration of Kubernetes, it is ideal for developing container and infrastructure solutions. By adding code, Google Cloud Platform offers a complete solution for creating the deployment management for the release of infrastructure. In addition, Google Cloud Platform has one of the highest levels of application programming interface (API) available in the cloud environment.

All the code in this book can be accessed from the related GitHub site. Please feel free to read that code and alter it for your personal use.

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